4 Ways to Reduce Water Use in the Home

Clean, potable water is one of the most precious resources on the planet. The majority of the water on the planet is salt water, filling the oceans, or frozen. This makes the precious little drinking water remaining that much more precious. It also means that we must all do our part to reduce the amount of water we use in our homes.

The EPA reports that the average household consumes around 260 gallons of water each day. Not only is a lot of water wasted in the process, but in most communities families are billed for water according to the amount they use. This means that a lot of money is wasted too. These are three things families everywhere can do to reduce the water use in your home.

Look for the WaterSense Label on your plumbing Systems
WaterSense is an EPA partner that evaluates plumbing systems such as toilets, shower heads, and faucets, to measure how well they help homeowners conserve water. Things like low-flow shower heads and water-efficient toilets can conserve a massive amount of water leading to lower water bills and a greater sense of pride for your conservation efforts.

Turn Off Water that’s Not in Use and make sure there is no drip.
People waste a lot of water by leaving faucets running to rinse dishes, while cooking, while brushing teeth or shaving, and even while waiting to get into the shower in the morning. This wastes a great deal of water and can be devastating to the planet with so many people continuing to do this. If you’re not directly using the water, leave the tap off. It’s that simple.

Look for ways to Reuse Water

The most basic rules of conservation are to reduce, reuse, and recycle. Reusing bath water to water lawn. Instead of dumping pet water down the drain before adding new water, consider using it to water your plants instead. Water lawns old bath water or water from washing dishes – just don’t use this water in vegetable gardens.

Lastly, check for plumbing leaks.
This is a problem that is often not detected until it is too late. Plumbing leaks can lead to high utility bills and water damage within the home. There are several ways to detect water leaks in the home. The best way is to hire plumber for a plumbing inspection. This will save you time, money and future headaches.

The more active role you take in your efforts to conserve water the greater your results will be. Even better is the fact that most of these are results you’ll be able to see in the form of greatly reduced water bills.

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