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Antioch Copper Repiping

Antioch copper repiping services are what homes with aging pipes need. Homes built before the 1960s were most commonly outfitted with galvanized steel pipes by contractors. While a good option for the time, we’ve since realized that galvanized steel pipes have a few drawbacks. Not only do they rust away after a few decades, but they are also more likely to fail under extreme temperatures. If your home is pushing 80, chances are your home needs new pipes. But not just any pipes, mind you.

At Service Pros Plumbers, we highly recommend Antioch copper repiping services to anyone with galvanized steel piping or any other kind of piping, for that matter. Copper pipes’ durability and value are unsurpassed by any other type of pipe. Our team is always happy to recommend copper as the material of choice for home repiping services. Our copper repiping specialists in Antioch come highly recommended by our many satisfied customers and the fine folks at the Better Business Bureau. So if your old pipes are rusted through, leaking, or otherwise, a nuisance, call us at (925) 753-5600 to schedule an appointment.

What Are The Benefits Of A Antioch Copper Repipe?

All pipes perform the same job, but copper pipes do it better. Compared to other materials, copper is far more:

  • Rust-Proof
  • Temperature Stable
  • Malleable
  • Valuable

How does A Galvanized Pipe Replacement in Antioch Protect You From Rust?

Galvanized steel pipes use an inner zinc coating as protection from water corrosion. However, after a couple of decades, this coasting wears thin, allowing for the opportunity that rust needs to form. Unfortunately, this rust can damage your pipes and lead to flecks of rust in your drinking water! This contamination can be profoundly detrimental to the health of a household.

On the other hand, copper piping does not suffer the same drawbacks as traditional steel ones. When the iron in steel corrodes, it creates rust, but the corrosion process in copper produces copper oxide. While rust eventually leads iron to lose its tensile strength and fleck away, copper oxide compounds until it becomes copper carbonate. This substance retains copper’s strength and protects it from further damage. This strength is why our copper repipe specialists in Antioch proudly use copper for their clients’ repiping jobs.

An Antioch Copper Repipe Can Improve The Value and Comfort of Your Home

Antioch copper repiping services are a must for homes whose pipes are old and ready to fail. However, an Antioch copper repipe is not only a technical improvement to your home; it is an improvement to your quality of life. As copper pipes are excellent thermal insulators, the water from your water heater will lose less warmth as it travels throughout your home. That means consistent water temperature for your showers and dishwasher!

This same insulation quality means that it will take a lot more for the water in your pipes to freeze over in the cold months. If a copper pipe does happen to freeze, it is more likely to stay intact because the metal itself is malleable. These factors, and the fact that the lines are of copper, increase your home’s value in the eyes of prospective buyers. Regarding comfort and quality, our copper repipes specialists in Antioch offer nothing but the best.

Trust Our Antioch Copper Repiping Specialists

Our Antioch copper repiping specialists are well-trained and highly experienced. They arrive at your home or business fully prepared to handle the job. Each of our specialists gets the job done right the first time, every time. We are accredited by the Better Business Bureau and highly recommended by our many satisfied customers. You can always trust our specialists when it comes to reliable Antioch copper repiping services.

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