Bad Smell in the Bathroom? May Be Your Sewer!

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Are you smelling something terrible in the bathroom? Well, then, you’ve come to the right place! Read on to learn how to chase down those funky smells in your bathroom today!

If something stinks in your bathroom, it’s easy to get concerned. But if you’re unsure how to solve the problem, the experts at Service Pros Plumbers are here to help! We’ve dealt with several odor issues in clients’ homes. With this experience, we’ve narrowed the cause of most sewer odors to these three reasons.

Sewer Backed Up in Your Drain

Your sewer most often backs up into your shower drain. To check this is not the case, use a flashlight and shine it into your shower drain. You can also run the water to ensure everything drains as it should.

Your P Trap is Dried Up

At the bottom of your shower is a drain with a small indented area to hold water. This drain, a P Trap, is also found in sinks and toilets. The P Trap has water at all times, allowing water to continually pass through while stopping sewer gasses from coming up and entering your bathroom. If you don’t use the shower or a floor drain often, the P Trap can dry out and allow methane gas from the sewer to enter your bathroom. Add water back into the P Trap to stop this unwanted airflow.

Loose Pipes or Undone Cleanout Caps

If pipes have become loosened or a cleanout cap has come undone in your bathroom or basement, this can create an area where sewer gas comes into your home. When this happens, the smell can be especially tricky to locate. Inspect all your pipes and cleanouts to ensure nothing has come loose.

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