Berkeley Water Filtration

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Berkeley Water Filtration

When you suspect water quality issues at home, you may need our Berkeley water filtration services at Service Pros Plumbers. Our experts can test your water supply, install high-quality filtration systems, and offer ongoing repair and maintenance. As plumbers with over 25 years of experience, you can feel confident scheduling a Berkeley water service with us. In addition, we’ve even earned an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau for our high-quality work. So call [phoneNumber format=“link”] today for all your water filtration needs!

Professional Water Quality Test In Berkeley

Many families rely on their home’s tap water for daily usage, including cooking, handwashing, and drinking. But even though we use it every day, only some are confident in their water quality. So, how can you ensure the safety of your water supply? Fortunately, our team can perform a water quality test in Berkeley for a thorough analysis of the following substances:

  • Water hardness/mineral content
  • Nitrates and phosphates
  • Bacteria
  • Viruses
  • pH levels (levels of acidity and basicity)
  • Fecal coliform (bacteria from human waste)

Our Berkeley Water Filtration Systems

After testing your water supply, we’ll review the results and suggest the most suitable water filtration system for your needs. For example, water purification systems can treat harmful viruses and bacteria, but water softeners are the better solution to water hardness.

But regardless of your need, you can turn to our experts for any water service in Berkeley. We carry and install filtration systems that can transform your tap water into fresh, potable water. And if issues ever arise with your installation, feel free to contact us for reliable maintenance and repair work.

Types Of Water Softeners In Berkeley

Water softeners in Berkeley treat water hardness by removing the magnesium and calcium that give hard water its bitter, salty taste. Although hard water isn’t a health risk, it can be due to mineral buildup that wears out your plumbing appliances over time. At Service Pros Plumbers, we service and install the following water softeners:

  • Enviro Water Softeners: Then Enviro Water Softener is capable of whole-house water filtration and softening without using salt. This system prevents mineral buildup and protects your plumbing appliances from hard water. The combo system also handles 80% of water treatment applications at home. Coupled with the Pelican Water Filtration System, you can manage the other 20% of water problems. Learn More…
  • NuvoH2O Water Softeners: As many as 85% of American homes have hard water. If you don’t own a water softener to filter minerals, your hard water may corrode water lines and plumbing fixtures, leading to lower efficiency and longevity. But our team can install the Nuvo H2O softener to treat your water. These systems use citrus rather than salt, and they’re based on the same FDA-approved formulation used by commercial restaurants and kitchens for over three decades. These small, reliable softeners can make your water more potable and easier on your appliances. Learn More…

Call Service Pros Plumbers For Berkeley Water Filtration

At Service Pros Plumbers, we provide Berkeley water filtration services you can trust, from accurate testing to Berkeley water line repair. If you want peace of mind about your water quality, our team of experts will ensure your water is safe. So you shouldn’t worry whenever you cook, bathe, or drink from the tap. Instead, contact us for a water quality inspection or filtration installation today!

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