Drain Cleaning – Here’s Why It Is So Important

When it comes to household jobs, some are more pleasant to do than others. Watering the plants and washing the dishes are far less daunting than mowing the lawn or cleaning the drains in the kitchen and bathroom. As a homeowner, you may have put off the latter job for too long, to the point where the drain is either filthy, backed-up with gunk, or both.

Unfortunately, you often cook and prepare food, wash your hands, and bathe in the areas where these drains are filling with gunk and bacteria. That’s very unsanitary. If you think to do anything with your drain, you may only pour some drain cleaner down there and call it a day. Since you can’t see down your drain, you can only assume the chemicals are doing their job.

However, if you haven’t touched your drains in a while, you’d be better off calling a professional plumber. They can ensure the drain is completely fear and clear of buildup that can prevent water from running correctly and cause strain on pipes. Need more incentive to call a plumber? Here are some reasons cleaning the drain is so essential.

1. Breeding Ground For Mold

What thrives in dark, murky, damp, and wet areas? Mold. What can also cause respiratory infections, runny nose, cough, and fever? Mold. Breathing in mold is dangerous to a person in good health, but it can be hazardous for those with asthma or allergies.

2. Breaking/Broken Pipes

Imagine this: as the family deposits their dirty dishes in the sink each night, tiny morsels of food make their way down the drain. They’re not supposed to, but it happens anyway. Eventually, these accumulate into a bigger mass, and water can’t pass through as easily. The pipes, new or old, now have to work that much harder to move water. What happens? The pipes will burst eventually, which is trouble for a homeowner.

3. Unwanted Leaks

That’s because a broken pipe or plumbing fixture leads to leaks. These may be small, contained, or larger and more unpredictable. Either way, they can positively ruin the interior of a home and make the backyard into a giant puddle. You are much better off calling a plumber for an inexpensive drain cleaning now than paying to get the whole house redone later.

4. The Longer You Wait, The More It Costs

On the note of money, every homeowner wants to save when possible. However, as more gunk and buildup accumulates in the drains throughout the house, it will be a bigger job. That means shelling out more money, possibly on top of the costs of home repairs. However, if you’re diligent and contact your plumber to schedule an annual pipe cleaning, you can avoid big jobs with a hefty price point.

If you’ve always cleaned your drains using a liquid drain cleaner, you may not be doing enough. Get into a habit of scheduling a yearly drain cleaning with an area plumber for drains that work optimally all year.

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