Instant Hot Water

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Instant Hot Water

Do you wait 5 minutes for hot water? Do you want to save water and lower your water bills?

Service Pros Plumbers have a solution for you. We can install Hot Water Recirculation Systems that deliver instant hot water on demand, reduce water waste, and conserve energy. Recirculating hot water pumps send cold water in the plumbing back to the hot water heater, via the cold water, or dedicated return line, while simultaneously bringing instant hot water to all fixtures on the demand, in a matter of seconds. Unlike other hot water recirculation pumps, Service Pros Plumbers can install ACT D’MAND pumps that does not allow hot water into the cold water line, and it delivers hot water to the furthest fixtures on user-demand, rather than relying on a timer activated system.

Here is a diagram illustrating how it works.


Because Hot Water D’mand pumps utilizes electronic control recirculation systems we save the user money, where as other pumps that utilize timer based recirculation systems cost the user hundreds of dollars in energy expenses every year. Recirculation system saves water by reducing the user’s wait time for hot water and thus reduces the water wasted down the drain. ACT hot water recirculation systems reduce energy use by diminishing the amount of unused water wasted down a drain, thus cutting on sewage and treatment costs. The average home only uses hot water for less than 1 hour a day, so why waste money waiting for it or recirculating hot water when no one is using it?

If you are searching for an Instant On Demand Water Heater, you should consider Service Pros Plumbers technicians to install Act D’MAND pumps, because it will deliver the hot water at a fast rate, while the on demand water heater will only warm the water when there is a need for it. On demand water heaters are also known as “tankless” water heaters and D’MAND pumps is uniquely suited for these applications. D’MAND pumps is ideal in tankless water heater situations because it circulates hot water on-demand rather than on a timer base. If a recirculation system uses a timer and is running for hours each day, then it will wear out the heat exchanger on a tankless water heater. D’MAND pumps are compatible with tankless water heaters and tank water heaters whether they are powered by propane, natural gas, or electric. D’MAND pumps are also compatible with solarwater heating systems.


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