Leaks! 5 Sneaky Leaks In Your Home That Are Easy To Miss

You know you leak somewhere – you are using more water or see signs of water damage and cannot trace the source. Here are five sneaky leaks that many people do not notice.

Splash Leaks

Splash leaks are the most common bathroom leaks and can cause significant water damage. They are caused by a shower door not correctly fixed to its frame (or misusing a shower curtain ). It always uses a weighted curtain and ensures the liner is inside the tub. If spraying water against the edge of the shower door results in leakage, the door will need to be recaulked and possibly reinstalled.

Drain Leaks

You have the drain plugged in, but water is still leaking around the edge of it, damaging the floor below. These are most common with plastic or fiberglass tubs or shower pans, which can flex under your weight and break the seal around the drain. Sinks can also have drain leaks or leak from joints in the drain pipe. If you can get it under the shower or tub, you can plug it with a rag and then look for leaks.

Toilet Flange Leaks

The toilet flange can work loose over time – if your toilet is moving or rocking even slightly, you likely have a flange problem. Also, uneven floors can cause flange problems. Still, most flange problems result from wear or poor initial installation. Unfortunately, flange problems often involve removing and reinstalling the toilet, which can be annoying and inconvenient – it is often worth hiring a professional.

Tile Leaks

The tiles around your shower and tub can leak, with water ending up in the wall. This can cause wall damage, falling tiles, and persistent mold. It is caused by the deterioration of the grout and caulk around the tiles – and can be pretty expensive to fix, as it can sometimes mean re-tiling your entire bathroom. Therefore, it is essential to catch tile leaks early when you may be able to get away with simply re-grouting the specific tiles involved.

Sink Rim Leaks

In addition to the drain, the rim of your sink or the base of your faucet can leak, creating puddles and dampness inside the sink cabinet. Test for this by dribbling water from a sponge around the sink and then looking for leaks in the cabinet underneath. Sometimes tightening the faucet can fix this, but sometimes it needs more work.

These leaks are often not visible without testing. Still, they will do progressive damage over time if not fixed, in addition to increasing your water bill. It is much easier and cheaper to fix them right away. If you are unable to find a leak – then contact a plumber, who may be able to locate and fix it for you. Being aware of hidden leaks will save you a lot of money and hassle in the long run. So, what are you waiting for? Contact the professional plumbers at Service Pros Plumbers to schedule a leak inspection or repair job today!

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