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Congratulations on making it through 2021! After another year of living through The Unpleasantness, we’ve all grown stronger, smarter, and wiser. Too bad our plumbing hasn’t kept up the same pace! Luckily the professionals from Service Pros Plumbers are here to help you start the new year off right with a few plumbing hints and tips. Without further ado, here are three easy hints and tips to help keep your plumbing system working for you throughout 2022!

Tip 1 – Flush Your Water Heater

It may surprise you to hear that water heaters aren’t just install-and-ignore-them devices. They require a little bit of maintenance to function to the best of their ability. So, to help keep your water heater working at its best, you should flush your water heater once a year. But that begs a couple of questions: Why would you want to flush a water heater, and how would you go about doing so?

To answer the first question, flushing a water heater is an industry term for removing the tank’s old water. While yes, water heaters do replenish themselves from your water supply as you use them, that doesn’t mean they don’t benefit from regular flushing. Removing the old water from your water heater helps remove unwanted waste inside. This process helps remove any debris, sediment, or other nasties that may have found their way into your water heater.

To flush your water heater, simply:

  • First, take a garden hose and locate the drainage tap on the side of the water heater tank.
  • Then, in this order, turn off the thermostat, gas supply, and cold water supply valve (usually near the top of your water heater tank).
  • Next, pick a sink close to your water heater and turn on the hot water valve (you’ll leave these on throughout the rest of the process).
  • Then, open the pressure relief valve (optional, but helps your water heater drain faster), and attach your hose to the drainage valve.
  • Place the other end of your hose outside in a drain, turn the drainage spigot on, and allow the water to drain completely from the heater.
  • Once the water finishes draining, turn the cold water spigot back on and let it run until the water leaving your hose is clear.

Tip 2 – Install A Water Filter

Having us install a water filter at your home or business can go a long way towards keeping your plumbing system problem-free. A plumber can quickly help you rectify many of the problems modern plumbing systems experience through water filtration services.

The primary purpose of a water filter is to clean your drinking water to free it of contaminants. However, a water filtration system also ensures that your shower and fixtures won’t get buildup as quickly. You may even prevent corrosion and other problems affecting your pipes and water lines.

If you’d like to learn more about installing a water filtration system in your home or business, then call us. The professional plumbers here at Service Pros Plumbers are always standing by to take your call!

Tip 3 – Get Your Toilet Fixed

This tip is only applicable if you have a broken toilet. If your toilet jiggles, runs constantly, or makes strange noises, then you probably have a broken toilet that needs fixing. While this may seem like a simple tip, you’d be surprised at the number of people that ignore or are unaware of a malfunctioning toilet at home. So, take a quick tour around your home and check out all the toilets, inside and out. If you notice any problems, then resolve to get them fixed up this year.

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