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When a sewer near your home or business is backed up, flooding can cause damage, and repairs can be costly. Service Pros Plumbers has plenty of experience investigating backed-up sewers, finding the problem, and making the necessary repairs.

What Usually Causes a Sewer Backup?

The most common materials that cause a backup in a sewer are tree roots and root debris. However, sometimes rocks will also become lodged in a sewer line, and even more rarely, other garbage debris like pop cans, water bottles, and tennis balls. When garbage like this gets into your sewer, it’s usually a sign there is an access point to the line that’s too open. We can help you find this point and eliminate the access so that no more large debris will clog up the line. This problem is quite rare; it’s most likely from a tree’s roots if you have a backup in your sewer.

The quickest and most cost-effective way to find a backup in a sewer line is by completing a camera inspection. With the proper tools, a camera can be fed down into your sewer line to discover where the backup begins. This will allow your plumbing team to dig down and access the sewer right where the backup occurred, rather than having to dig up the entire sewer line.

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Contact a licensed plumber immediately if you are worried that your side sewer line may have backed up. We recommend requesting a video inspection before any work begins.

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