The Negative Impact of Hard Water on Your Home and Body

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When you have hard water, you may notice some of the effects on your fixtures and your skin. However, you may not know just how many other negative ways hard water can affect your health and home. There are so many ways that hard water can negatively impact your life that most people seek a water softener as soon as they discover that they have hard water in their homes.

The Health Impacts of Hard Water

Having hard water isn’t just an inconvenience- it’s a health hazard. According to the International Journal of Preventative Medicine, regular exposure to the density of minerals in hard water has many ill effects on the health of those who drink it. For example, high levels of calcium and magnesium can affect several organs in the body and cause health problems.

One of the most severe effects of hard water is an increased risk of cardiovascular disease. According to several international studies, heart disease and high blood pressure can be caused by drinking hard water. In adults, there is an increased risk of reproductive failure. In children, there is a correlation between hard water and growth retardation. There is also an increased risk of certain types of cancer for those who drink hard water. The dangers of gastric, colon, ovarian, and esophageal cancer increase with hard water. Even diabetes and neural diseases have been linked to drinking hard water.

Skin Problems and Hard Water

One of the most noticeable effects of hard water is skin irritation. Eczema in children has been linked to hard water. Many people who bathe with hard water notice dry skin and even hard or bumpy patches of skin caused by dryness and irritation from skin and hair products. The many minerals present in hard water mean that the cleansing products used while showering don’t dissolve well in the water. This can lead to them irritating the skin when they don’t rinse off the skin well. Using a water softener can eliminate some of the minerals dissolved in the water and make it easier for shampoos and soaps to dissolve and rinse cleanly from the skin.

Hard Water Effects on the Home

The heavy presence of minerals in hard water often clogs pipes. With clogged pipes, your appliances will run less efficiently. This often leads to higher energy bills and even damaged appliances. In addition, the clogs can lead to leaks in the pipes and shorten the lifespan of your appliances. By some estimates, your appliances may work only half as long as they might have if a water softener had been used.

Hard water can also be unsightly in the home. It can leave stains in sinks, showers, and bathtubs and leave a thick scale on water fixtures. Glass showers often become opaque and look dirty because of stains from hard water. With water softening, the stains and scaling can be prevented and the damage done to pipes, fixtures, and appliances.

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