Here Is Why Your Water Smells and Tastes Funny

Imagine getting a glass of water from your faucet. Once the glass approaches your mouth, you notice a foul smell. What do you do? Do you drink the water? Is it safe?

The fact that your water smells and tastes funny signals there is a problem with your plumbing. Keep reading to determine the source of your problem, and what you can do to improve the smell and taste of your tap water.

Your Drains May Be Causing the Bad Odor and Taste

Of course, your tap water runs through your drains. If you’ve never had your drains cleaned, or you don’t take measures to clean your drain on your own, then they could be the source of your problem. Bacteria, food particles, and other substances that lurk in your drains can cause your drains to affect how your water smells and tastes.

Fortunately, you can determine the source of the smells coming from your tap water. The next time you get a glass of water from your tap and you notice the smell, walk away for a bit. Once you come back, smell the water again to see if it continues to stink. If it does not stink, then it’s your pipes. To fix the problem with your drains, pour baking soda and vinegar down your drains to clean them.

Your Water Heater May Be Causing the Bad Odor and Taste

If you’ve noticed that your water smells like eggs, then you may have another problem. The smell of eggs or sulfur may signal that you have a problem with your water heater instead of your drains. The egg smell is the result of a bad anode rod in your water heater. Your anode rod helps keep your water heater clean when it’s working as it should. If you’re smelling an egg stench, then it’s time to change the rod.

Fortunately, you can change your anode rod in only a few minutes. Once you locate the rod, unscrew it and install your replacement, after wrapping the replacement in Teflon tape.

It’s worth noting, if your water continues to smell after replacing your anode rod, then you could be facing a much serious problem: contaminated water. To be safe, hire a local plumber as soon as possible and stop using your water if you suspect your water is contaminated.

If you notice a funny smell or taste when you are drinking tap water, it may not be your imagination. To improve your water, follow these tips, or contact your local plumber so that they can help you determine what’s wrong with your water.

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