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Enviro Water Softeners features whole-house carbon filtration combined with salt-free softening to protect the family and the home’s appliances and plumbing from hard water.

The combo system is designed to handle 80% of water treatment applications and by using the Pelican Water Systems product line, we can address the other 20% of water issues on a one-off basis.

Why do you need a water softener?

Over 85% of US Households have hard water. Hard water can destroy your plumbing (pipes and fixtures AND shorten the life of water-using appliances. Consumers are more aware of impurities and chemicals in their water and are drinking less water from the tap. There are also chemicals in your water. Chlorine and chloramines are used by approximately 90% of municipalities to disinfect your water –these chemicals can negatively impact our hair, skin and overall health.

The traditional solution to the hard water problem utilizes a salt-based water softener. The salt is what caused that slippery feeling on your skin. In addition, These systems require the use of expensive, heavy salt bags, consume electricity, waste water via salt-brine discharge, and harm the environment.

The solution is the installation of a water treatment and water softener solution that is non-salt based and can get the job done effectively for your home and office.


Enviro Water Products Premium Combo System is a water treatment and softener solution that addresses hardness, chlorine, chloramines, bacteria and impurities throughout the entire home.
The system provides clean, filtered spa-quality water for drinking, cooking and bathing from every tap in the home.

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