Why Is Water Pressure Important?

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It’s The Key To Your Plumbing

Water pressure is essential for more than just keeping your shower flowing strong. It may be the most critical part of your plumbing system! Hydraulic pressure is what keeps your home’s tap flowing. Without pressure, your entire plumbing system fails to work. More importantly, if the water pressure in your home is so low it’s non-existent, something is wrong with your plumbing. Please take a minute to explore the relationship between your plumbing and this natural phenomenon.

Low Water Pressure

Generally speaking, low water pressure is unhealthy for your home. Not only does it make the water flow weakly around your home, but it can also lower your overall water quality. This is because most diameters of pipes can handle a particular level of water flow and velocity. If the current flow is lower than the pipe is rated, it allows oxygen to sit atop the water.

In that oxygenated space, organic material and microorganisms can begin to grow. Over time, this can lead to a decrease in water quality that could have long-term effects on your household’s health. At the very least, it will make your water stink to heaven!

High Water Pressure

High pressure allows water to travel throughout our homes quickly and come out of our fixtures with force. While this is desirable to many, this much force can have dire consequences for your plumbing system. Excessive pressure in your pipes is linked to increased leaks and ruptures. It can also negatively affect your plumbing fixtures, decreasing their lifespan by several years!

What Is The Right Balance?

The correct water pressure for you varies based on the diameter and material of your home’s pipes. The pressure at which your local distribution system delivers your water can also affect your overall levels. However, as a general rule, your home plumbing’s psi should never drop below 20 or above 80. If you’re concerned about your plumbing, have the Service Pros Plumbers inspect your plumbing. We can give you an accurate reading and help you correct either low or extreme water pressures. We can even help you flush your lines to remove any factors reducing your water quality. Call us today at [phoneNumber format=”link”], and we’ll have your system back to normal.

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