The Cost Of A Repipe

Do you need to repipe your plumbing system, but wonder how much it would cost? At Service Pros Plumbers, we have repiped many homes and businesses over the years. Our repipe specialists understand the costs involved and can explain the key factors. Read on to learn the price of a repipe and how to make the most cost-effective decisions for your project.

How Much Should Your Repipe Cost?

Most repipes cost between $4,500 for a two-bedroom, one-bathroom house and up to $15,000 for larger, more complex properties. Some of the key factors behind a residential repipe cost include:

  • Piping material: Copper pipe and PEX tubing are primary choices, but PEX can cost significantly less than copper.
  • Pipe quality: The quality of your chosen plumbing material can vary greatly. Copper comes in various grades and specifications. PEX lines also come in varying levels of quality from several companies.
  • Types of fittings: Repiping involves various fittings and connectors, including pressure regulators, shut-off valves, tube connectors, and more.
  • The number of plumbing fixtures: The number of showers, faucets, and toilets on your property impacts the cost of a repipe.
  • Accessibility: Complicated plumbing setups may require more labor to access and repipe, influencing the overall cost.

In addition to these factors, a repipe may involve additional services, such as drywall repair, routing main service lines from the street to your house, and coordinating building permits. But you can rest easy knowing our local plumbers will provide an accurate quote and specify precise work and material requirements. Contact our repiping experts today at Service Pros Plumbers to learn more.

Plumbing Repair Vs. Repipe

If you’re dealing with leaky pipes, you may have the option of repairing or replacing them. But which choice is more cost-effective? First, consider whether you have a systemic or isolated plumbing issue. Repiping is the more cost-effective option when you have a systemic plumbing issue. For example, widespread pipe leaks indicate an underlying problem with your entire plumbing system. Sealing just one leak won’t solve the problem, while replumbing your entire system likely will. Additionally, clogged or corroded water pipes that cause low pressure or rusty water usually require a repipe. Instead of temporarily repairing the problem causing plumbing issues at your home or business, a whole-house repipe can be more affordable and reasonable.

If you observe any of the following problems suggesting a systemic plumbing issue, then consider repiping over repairs:

  • Frequent plumbing clogs
  • Multiple connection leaks
  • Slab foundation leaks
  • Low water pressure or flow at multiple outlets
  • Rusty or discolored water

Our experienced plumbers are happy to help you determine if you have a systemic plumbing issue that requires a repipe. Contact us for our support today.

How To Compare Repipe Quotes

Comparing quotes for your repipe project can be tricky. How do you ensure you’re getting the best deal? Firstly, it is crucial to ask for specific information on the type of pipes and connectors that plumbers use in the repipe. Not all copper and PEX pipes are of the same quality, so ask the estimator to explain their recommendations.

Another factor to consider is the quality of angle stops, compression valves, and supply lines. Unfortunately, these are often areas where companies may choose to cut corners. High-quality angle stops will ensure they last longer and are less prone to leaks. In addition, ask about the pressure regulator valve and whether it needs to be replaced as part of the repipe, especially if your municipality has high water pressure.

Regarding the actual repipe, have in writing what the plumber will do to protect your home and what you can expect the site to look like upon completion. For example, obtain information on floor coverings, plastic sheeting, and cleanup practices. Additionally, learn about warranty coverage, including specifics on what is covered, exclusions, time periods, and transferability.

Other factors to consider include who will be responsible for pulling building permits, the cost of drywall repair, and whether repiping the main service line is included in the quote. Upgrading or replacing your water heater is also a common consideration during a repipe. Again, it is essential to discuss this with the estimator to ensure the overall quote includes it.

Contact Service Pros Plumbers For Your Next Repipe

At Service Pros Plumbers, we’ll handle everything, from acquiring permits to ensuring your final pipe replacement goes smoothly during your repipe project. We understand the many factors involved in repiping a home and can review each of them with you during an estimate. If you have any questions about the cost of a repipe, we’re happy to answer them honestly and thoroughly. So if it’s time to replace your old pipes or bring your plumbing system up to code, call us at [phoneNumber format=“link”] or contact us online to request a quote!

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